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USD's focused and hard-working Honors students often go on to become high-achieving alumni. As a valued alum of the Honors Program, we would love to know where life has taken you. New jobs? Advanced degrees? Exciting accomplishments and major life events? Please share that news with us via the Honors Alumni Updates Form.


Alumni support of the Honors Program is welcomed, encouraged and much appreciated. Visit the Honors - Make a Gift page to make a secure, online, tax-deductible gift to the Honors Program. Your gifts help us provide:

  • Student Support. As you know, Honors students are highly involved in a variety of campus and scholarly pursuits. Students often travel to conduct research or to attend conferences and present papers, frequently at their own expense or with limited campus financial support. Your gifts can financially help students with research, travel and conference expenses.
  • Academic Enhancement Program Support. From Honors Association events to Honors-sponsored trips and opportunities, learning takes place as much outside the classroom as it does inside. Your gifts can help us continue to offer these academically enhancing and enriching programs to Honors students.

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