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Is it possible to be a student-athlete and also participate in the Honors Program?

Absolutely! If you are a student-athlete and are interested in the Honors Program, do not hesitate to join. If the Honors Program is the right fit, you will not find it any more difficult to balance Honors courses with athletic practice, travel and conditioning than your other courses. The Honors Program regularly has student-athletes in its ranks and has a good record of graduating athletes in every sport.

Can I live on the Honors Floors with a non-Honors student?

Yes. Honors students can request to room with a non-Honors student on the Honors Floor. The roommate request should be made as early as possible to have the best chance of being accommodated. Details about roommate requests are included in the online housing application.

Do I have to live on the Honors Floors?

Honors students who choose to live in campus housing are pre-assigned to the Honors Floors for the simple fact that first-year students who live on the Honors Floors tend to be more connected and engaged with each other. At the same time, we understand you may have other housing preferences so Honors students are not required to live on the Honors Floors.

If you choose to live in campus housing but would prefer not to live on the Honors Floors, please contact the Honors Program office at 605-677-5223 before May 31 to let us know. If you are a student-athlete, please discuss your housing options with your coach.

What are Honors students like?

Honors students have personalities and interests as diverse as the rest of the student body at USD, students from all majors and academic backgrounds call the Honors Program home. It’s difficult to describe “the common Honors student,” but they tend to be genuinely interested in ideas and learning, as well as having a rich social life.

Not only do the students in the Honors Program have the highest average GPA on campus, they are also the most involved. Over 27 percent of all leadership positions in recognized student organizations at USD are held by students in the Honors Program. Also, the last four student body presidents have been Honors students as have several editors of The Volante (USD’s student newspaper). Yet, Honors students make up only about 7 percent of the total undergraduate population, meaning our students are very well represented. Honors students are also athletes, ROTC cadets, musicians, actors, travelers, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers and much more.

Will I have an Honors Program advisor?

You will have an Honors Program advisor who works specifically with Honors students until you have completed 45 credits of college coursework (typically by the end of your second year, although transferring in AP and other college credits can alter that). Once you have completed 45 credits you will transition to having a primary advisor in your academic department. While you may not meet with your original Honors advisor on a regular basis once you’ve transitioned to the advisor in your academic department, the Honors Program staff members are always available to answer questions and give advice.

I have AP/dual enrollment credits. Will these be accepted by the Honors Program?

The Honors Program will accept AP credit for corresponding college-level classes with a score of 3 or better on the AP test. Dual enrollment and other transfer credit will be evaluated by USD’s Office of the Registrar to determine equivalent courses at the university for which credit can be granted. For Honors-specific classes, AP/dual credit is accepted for UHON 110 – Honors English. An AP score of 3 or higher on the AP Language and Composition test (NOT Literature and Composition) or college credit for English 101 – Composition will satisfy the UHON 110 requirement. We do suggest that you are very honest with yourself about the quality of your composition instruction and your comfort with reading and writing before you accept the credit. It is sometimes in a student’s best interest to take UHON 110 even if he or she has the credit already.

The other Honors courses in the Honors Core Curriculum (any class that begins with “UHON”) must be taken at USD.

What if I decide not to continue in the Honors Program?

You may decide to leave the Honors Program at any time. The classes you take as part of the Honors Core Curriculum will count toward the General Education Core Curriculum requirements. You will not have to repeat or re-take any of the core classes you have already completed as part of the Honors Program.