Traditional classroom experiences are only part of the Honors Program at USD.  There’s a vibrant, energetic community of students outside the classroom, too.

The Honors Floors

Two floors in one of USD’s residence halls (Beede Hall in the North Complex) are reserved for Honors students. The Honors Program was the first department on campus to start such a living-learning community, and it remains a great success and a model for other living-learning floors.

Students who live on the Honors Floors almost universally report a stronger sense of community and friendship; the Honors Floor communities are made up of involved, highly motivated students who care about their education and know how to balance it with a fun, social, engaging atmosphere.

In addition to programming planned for the Honors floor by the upper level student advisors living on the floor, students can expect frequent social, academic and service events planned by the Honors Association (USD’s student organization affiliated with the Honors Program). Honors students living on the Honors Floor are known for planning their own unique activities as well, from impromptu game nights to Nerf gun battles to ultimate hop scotch.

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Honors Trips

Up for a visit to the Sioux City Arts Center? Maybe you’d even be up for a long weekend exploring jazz, baseball, and BBQ in Kansas City? How about a Saturday afternoon watching Academy Award-nominated short films, learning archery, or an evening at the symphony or opera? Honors sponsors events like these almost every month, often at a reduced cost (or free!) for Honors students.

Honors Association

The Honors Association (HA) is the student organization on campus affiliated with the Honors Program. HA membership is made up of, and led by, Honors students who plan academic, service and social events each semester. All Honors students are considered members of HA and are invited to the group's monthly meetings where they plan events like game and movie nights, BBQs, service projects, speakers and faculty appreciation activities.

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The Honors Lounge

Located in the Honors Program office suite in Old Main 120, the Honors lounge is a great place to hang out between classes, do some studying, meet up with friends and even catch a quick nap on one of the couches. The Honors lounge has computers for students to use and offers free printing for Honors students. The coffee is usually on and the chess board is always ready for a game.