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The Honors Program provides both academic and social enrichment opportunities for USD students. Our coursework is challenging and rewarding, and it prepares students for a wide range of careers and graduate or professional schools.

Student & Academic Engagement

The Honors Program offers social, academic and cultural opportunities, including:

  • Fully-funded trips to experience local and regional attractions
  • A living-learning community in the North Complex, with almost two floors dedicated to housing new Honors students
  • Mentoring for nationally competitive scholarships
  • Dedicated Honors advisor for academic and career planning
  • Leadership opportunities in Honors student organizations and across campus
  • Smaller, discussion based courses
  • Unique Honors seminar courses that are both challenging and appeal to many interests

Be a Part of Our Community

Applications for the Honors Program are accepted on a rolling basis, though it is recommended that students apply by December of their senior year. Generally, Honors students meet the following criteria:

  • 27+ ACT or 1220 SAT
  • 3.7+ GPA and/or top 15% of their class
  • Community & school involvement

The Honors Program maintains a holistic approach to our application reviews. All applications are considered for merit, and highly-motivated students who may not meet the above criteria are encouraged to apply. 

Apply to Honors

Visit Honors

Meet with a staff member from the Honors Program when you visit campus.

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Transfer and Current Students

Students with a cumulative GPA of 3.4 or higher and who show evidence of success in academically rigorous classes may join the Honors Program on the Thesis Scholar track. Students on the Thesis Scholar track complete the General Education Core Curriculum, take two UHON 390 seminars and write an Honors Thesis. Contact our office for more information.