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The USD Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment (IRPA) administers the locally-developed Graduating Student Survey (GSS) to potential graduates every term (summer, fall, spring) of each academic year. Using lists of anticipated undergraduate and graduate degree completers provided by the USD registrar, the survey is administered from two months prior to graduation until four months following graduation. Overall, the survey’s primary goal is to gauge students’ professional and/or academic plans following degree completion.

The USD Graduate Outcomes Dashboard displays data gathered through the above surveying effort. Combining data from all survey administrations over the most recent academic year, the tool displays basic information related to several key indicators included in the survey. For each measure, data can be filtered by degree, major, and primary student location.

For more information about the Graduating Student Survey, see the university’s companion report.

Source: USD Student Information System (Colleague)


  • All data are sourced from university census date extracts.
  • The data depicted in this tool reflect enrollments in USD course sections only; concurrent enrollments in course sections offered by other universities are not considered.
  • Values shown in the “Students by Location” section are not mutually exclusive. For example, students may enroll simultaneously in USD main campus courses and USD internet courses.
  • Students can be considered both “state-supported” and “self-supported” in any one semester; consequently, these labels are not mutually exclusive for any individual student in a given term.
  • “Age Group” labels refer to age as of a student’s depicted enrollment term.