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Services & Tools

The following services and tools represent key points of contact between faculty, staff, students and the university's overall system of assessment. These items involve specific software applications or services that are used as a component of campus assessment activities.


In 2017, we deployed our first comprehensive platform for academic assessment management. Developed in partnership with a company called Nuventive, this system provides a single "one-stop shop" for department-level performance data, strategic goals and student learning outcomes. Nuventive is available to all university faculty members and select staff.

IDEA Course Evaluation

All end-of-term course evaluation surveys conducted at USD using the primary IDEA form are administered through the Campus Labs mobile platform. Sometimes referred to as "student opinion surveys" or "student ratings of instruction," these web-based questionnaires provide students with an opportunity to report impressions of teaching quality. Several related resources are provided below:

Digital Measures

Digital Measures is the web service through which university faculty may submit professional information - such as educational background, scholarly activities and professional achievements - into a central repository. Information supplied to the Digital Measures system are used for a variety of purposes including department websites, accreditation reports and promotion and tenure evaluations.


All undergraduate students entering USD are subject to mathematics and English placement procedures established by the South Dakota Board of Regents. Though most placement decisions are made on the basis of common assessments (e.g., ACT, SAT, Smarter Balanced), a limited number of placements are determined by scores on secondary assessment instruments. To this end, the Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Assessment administers the ACCUPLACER examination - the designated secondary placement instrument of the regental system - in accordance with university system requirements.


Lindsay Hayes, Coordinator of Student and Institutional Assessment
Phone: 605-677-5513