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You may enter the U.S. a maximum of 30 days before the start date listed on your I-20 or DS-2019. We recommend that you arrive at least 1-2 days before the beginning of orientation so that you have time to get settled and rested.

Free Airport Shuttle Service

The International Office provides free transportation to Vermillion from the Sioux Falls, South Dakota airport only. We will offer transportation to Vermillion from August 15-18, 2021 (the deadline for airport transportation is August 12, 2021) for new USD students. Orientation takes place August 19-20, 2021. For current and returning students, transportation is available from August 15-22, 2021, with the start of the semester being August 23, 2021. We will have several pickups throughout the day, but students should be advised that they may have to wait a few hours for the USD shuttle. Once you have made your airfare reservations, complete the student travel arrangement sign-up form below.

If you will arrive the day before a scheduled pick-up, you can stay in a hotel overnight and the International Office will pick you up the next day as long as you fill out the student travel arrangement sign-up form. Please note that students arriving on days other than those listed above will need to make alternate arrangements for their transportation to Vermillion.

Student Travel Arrangement Sign-Up Form

Flight Delays or Late Arrivals

If your flight is delayed or canceled, you may miss the last pick up of the day, in which case you will need to stay in a hotel. The following hotels are located near the Sioux Falls airport and provide free transportation to and from the airport to the hotel. The International Office highly recommends the AeroStay Hotel as it is connected to the airport.

Sioux Falls, S.D.

Alternative Arrival Assistance

If you are arriving at an airport other than Sioux Falls and/or are arriving on a date on which we do not offer a pickup, there are several alternatives available to you.

  • Jefferson Bus Lines stops in Vermillion daily on its way to and from Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Sioux City, Iowa; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Omaha, Nebraska. The number of daily departures and cost varies. To book tickets on Jefferson Lines, visit the Jefferson Lines website. Students will need to take a cab, Lyft or Uber from the airport to the bus terminal. A list of taxi providers is available on the respective airport's web pages.
  • Students would need to take a cab from the airport to the bus terminal. A list of taxi providers is available on the respective airport’s web pages.
  • Students can also take a cab from either Sioux Falls or Sioux City airports to Vermillion, though these can be costly – around $100.
  • The commonly used Lyft  or Uber rideshare services are available in and around Sioux Falls. If you know you will need a ride to the bus terminal or a Sioux Falls hotel, make sure to download and set up the Lyft or Uber app before arrival. You can use the free Wi-Fi in the Sioux Falls airport to request your Lyft or Uber.

Hotels in Vermillion

If you do not secure Vermillion housing before your arrival, make arrangements to stay at one of the local hotels.

Map of Vermillion Hotels

  • Best Western Inn
    701 W Cherry St.
    Vermillion, SD 57069

  • Holiday Inn Express
    1200 N. Dakota St.
    Vermillion, SD 57069

  • Prairie Inn
    916 N. Dakota St.
    Vermillion, SD 57069

  • Red Roof Inn
    1208 E. Cherry St.
    Vermillion, SD 57069