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Our program offers TOEFL intensive courses or traditional intensive English courses in spring, summer and fall with a concentration in either English language proficiency or TOEFL. Students can begin their studies in any semester. Courses are designed to equip students with both the English and academic literacy skills necessary to succeed in university life.

Students register in one credit per level, and cultural outings are an important feature of the program. A certificate is awarded upon completion of each level.

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Intensive English Course
Levels Level 1: Novice Mid to Novice High
Level 2: Intermediate Low to Intermediate Mid/High
Level 3: Intermediate High to Advanced Mid
Terms and Term Lengths Spring: 16 weeks
Fall: 16 weeks
Summer: 12 weeks
Coursework Hours 20 hours of in-class instruction per week
5 hours out-of-class learning per week
Courses - Academic Literacy [speaking, listening, academic skills] 6 hours/week
- Composition [writing and reading] 6 hours/week
- English Pronunciation 2 hours/week
- Conversation Lab 3 hours/week
- English Grammar 2 hours/week
- U.S. Culture 1 hour/week
Level Placement - Determined by TOEFL or IELTS scores within past two years
- USD's IEP placement assessment can be taken at no extra cost
Average Class Size 4 - 6 students