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Two law students studying together

USD Law offers a comprehensive academic support program that is designed to assist all students on their road to academic success and bar passage.


Students will be exposed to various workshops and activities over the summer to acclimate them to the unique learning environment they will encounter in law school. The students are given a summer reading list that they can use to prime their minds for the rigor of law school.
During orientation, the students will have the opportunity to interact with their classmates, the faculty and other upper level students. Additionally, the students will have academic workshops to apply the things they have learned over the summer. They will also learn about outlining, case briefing and several aspects of the legal education process.

First Year Resources

Each week, the first-year students will have an opportunity to reinforce the principles they are learning in their classes through workshops with the director of academic support and a few third-year law students. In these sessions, the first-year students will review strategies for success, as well as the legal principles. The students will also receive an introduction to the format for questions that they will ultimately see on the bar exam. There is also an opportunity to have one-on-one sessions and small group meetings with student groups.

Second Year Resources

During the second year, students will have the option to take a class that will simultaneously help prepare the students for the multistate practice test on the bar exam and it will help them learn to address realistic scenarios they will face in their practice. Through looking at sample case files and working through the analysis, students will receive practical training, as well as a head start on preparation for the bar exam.

Third Year Resources

In the third year, students will take a course that will help reinforce several substantive areas that are prevalent on the bar exam. Students will be exposed to the various portions of the bar exam and they will learn the strategies to be successful on each component. Each student will complete a bar exam success plan that will insure they have carefully planned all of the various aspects needed for the bar exam, including their study environment, scheduling, etc.

Post-Graduation Resources

After graduation, the students will begin studying for the bar exam. They will have access to workshops hosted by the academic support program that will help them identify areas of improvement as they progress in their studies. They will have the option to have individual feedback on their practice essays as they continue their journey towards passing the bar exam.