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Pre Law courses at USD School of Law

Preparatory coursework for those interested in law school

Law is an integral part of American society, and lawyers work diligently to preserve and promote justice and social change within our society's legal framework.

The best attorneys think creatively, analyze critically, write and speak clearly and understand the society in which they practice. USD's pre-law advisors work with you to select undergraduate courses that help develop these skills and prepare you for law school. South Dakota's only School of Law gives you access to the resources of a fully accredited law school conveniently located right on the USD campus.

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Program Information

Law students represent a wide range of undergraduate majors, from English and criminal justice, business and accounting to and history philosophy. A major pre-law consideration is that your undergraduate program reflects your potential to achieve at the rigorous academic level of law school. It is important to know there are also moral character and fitness considerations for admission to states' bar exams and memberships. As a pre-law student, you'll take a wide variety of courses designed to prepare you for success in law school, including the following:

  • English, Language and Speech
  • Political Science
  • History
  • Economics and Business
  • Modern Languages

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