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South Dakota Law Review's Election and Voting Law Symposium
Wednesday, September 16, 2020
8:45 a.m. - 4 p.m. Central Time
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The South Dakota Law Review is a journal of critical commentary on current legal issues with a state, national and international circulation. Published three times per year, the Law Review contains articles by leading members of the legal profession, as well as student notes and comments. Students involved in the Law Review develop their research and writing skills while earning academic credit. A student board of editors is responsible for all editorial work, and students are selected for board membership during their second year on the basis of their writing, leadership and dedication to the success of the Law Review.


Subscriptions to the Law Review are $35 per year ($45 outside the United States and Canada), payable in advance to:

South Dakota Law Review
Knudson School of Law - University of South Dakota
414 East Clark Street
Vermillion, South Dakota 57069-3290

Back Issues

Back issues and volumes can be obtained via written request to:

William S. Hein & Co., Inc.
1285 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14209

Phone: 800-828-7571


We invite the submission of unsolicited manuscripts. Manuscripts should be double-spaced with wide left margins. Citations should conform to the newest edition of the The Bluebook. We regret that any manuscript solicited will only be returned if the author remits return postage and handling fees. Address all correspondence to:

Articles Editor, South Dakota Law Review
Knudson School of Law - University of South Dakota
414 East Clark Street
Vermillion, South Dakota 57069-3290

Submissions may be sent via email to

Student Comments and Case Notes

In selecting student pieces for publication, the Law Review gives preference to its members. However, the Law Review encourages all University of South Dakota Knudson School of Law students to submit comments or case notes for publication. For further information about the submissions process, and prior to submitting any piece for publication, please contact the Lead Articles Editor at

2020-2021 Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Mike Mabee

Managing Editor: Shelby Webb

Lead Articles Editor: Connor Donohoe

Notes and Comments Editor: Danie Rang

Symposium Editor: Cate Dougherty

Production Editor: Samuel Briese

Production Editor: Jessica McKnight

Copy Editor: Ashley Flood

Copy Editor: David Levine

Associate Editor: Jenika Arens

Associate Editor: Chris Mathieu

2020-2021 Staff Writers

Chesney Arend

Josey Blare

Jack Brown

Jacob Carsten

Renee Gallagher

John Haraldson

Elana Hicks

Madison Jons

Josh Liester

Cameron McCue

Samantha Merrill

Luke Miller

Nick Montieth

Baylie Moravec

James Roemer

Jillian Smith

Joshua Weinheimer

Owen Wiese