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MINES for Libraries

As part of the University Libraries and the Wegner Health Science Information Center's commitment to supporting teaching, learning and research among faculty, students, staff and others, we are conducting the MINES for Libraries survey. Measuring the Impact of Networked Electronic Resources™ (MINES) is an online survey that collects data on demographics and the purpose for using the licensed electronic resources that are available through the Research Gateway. Responses to the survey are anonymous.

MINES is a two-minute, five-question survey that is delivered at the point of use - every 200th time an electronic journal, database, digital collection or service is accessed by clicking on the full-text resource. As soon as you submit the survey, you will be placed into the resource you selected. You may be presented with the survey more than once over the course of the year, as the survey continues gathering information on electronic resource use.

The purpose of the survey is to help librarians and decision-makers further understand the impact of electronic resources on teaching, learning and research.

Thank you for contributing to our understanding of the use of e-resources at the University Libraries and the Wegner Health Science Information Center. We appreciate your participation as we seek to improve our electronic resources.

The USD Office of Human Subjects Protection of the Office of Research determined that this project does require IRB review. The project is sponsored by the University Libraries and Wegner Health Science Information Center Assessment and Statistics Committee. For more information, send email to