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General Notes

Library resources may be requested through the appropriate liaison librarian throughout the year; however, there is no guarantee that requests placed later during the academic year will be purchased with current fiscal year funds as funds will run out at some point in the spring. As the responsibility for expending library funds allocated for departmental resources lies with the designated liaison librarians, they will review all requests for fund availability, curriculum/research alignment, and balanced collection development purposes before approving them for purchase.

Since publishers are now printing smaller runs, it is important for the libraries to order items quickly upon publication. Otherwise, a title may go out of print, the price may increase, or the title may not arrive this fiscal year. However, be aware that if an item is noted as "not yet published," there is no guarantee if or when that item will actually become available. The libraries advise that you defer requesting not-yet-published items and instead focus on requesting available items.

If library materials are needed quickly, please let your liaison librarian know, and the libraries will do our best to expedite your request. Please be aware that if rush requests necessitate extra shipping and handling charges, they will be paid from the departmental allocations.

The libraries subscribes to major ebook services, and strongly encourages the purchase of materials in ebook format when appropriate to support 24/7 and remote access.

The libraries do not regularly purchase new or used books from vendors such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble because of university restrictions. Information from their websites may be helpful, but we cannot guarantee we will obtain the item for the price listed. Books in Print, available through the research gateway on the libraries' homepage, is another source for book information and prices.

The libraries will consider purchasing items in aging formats such as VHS when the unique content desired is only available in that format. Computer software, 3-D models, textbooks and consumable workbooks are outside the scope of library resource funds as they are student or classroom supplies.

How do Faculty Recommend or Request Library Materials?

Print Resources

  • Provide the title, author, publisher, publication date, price and ISBN#.
  • Submit recommendations via email, or by campus mail to your liaison librarian.
  • Include your name, academic unit, date and any notes, typed or printed legibly.

Non-Print Resources

  • Provide the title, major performers and/or composers, publisher, date, price and ISBN# or item number.
  • Send complete information in writing or by email to your liaison librarian.
  • Include your name, academic unit, date and any notes, typed or printed legibly, with all requests.

Periodical/Standing Order Options

In some cases, the department may substitute a new periodical or standing order for an existing title - on a dollar-for-dollar basis. Book funds may be permanently transferred to periodical, standing order or database funds on a $1.25 to $1 basis. The appropriate liaison librarian and library staff will determine if and/or when desired substitutions can occur.

For Assistance

Please contact your liaison librarian, for more information. Thank you for your cooperation.