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Tuition & Fees

Cost details can be found through the Business Office.

  • You will be expected to take courses each fall (9 credits), spring (9 credits) and summer (1-3 credits) session with an average credit load of 21 credits per year
  • Your expected tuition and fees bill as an out-of-state student will be approximately $14,743.05
  • Your expected tuition and fees bill as a resident of South Dakota will be approximately $8,217.30


Upon full admission to our program, students in research track programs are eligible to receive a fellowship stipend and reduced tuition. Recipients must work full time towards degree completion. Stipend is also contingent upon successful completion of a background check.

  • The Ph.D. Research Graduate Assistantship stipend is currently $28,084 for the first full year ($2,340 per month)
  • The M.S. Plan A Research Graduate Assistantship stipend is currently $14,042 annually ($1,170 monthly)

Tuition Reduction

  • Fellows with resident student status receive an additional reduction in tuition and fees on top of the resident student tuition reduction (student portion = $4,893 annually for 21 credit hours.)
  • Fellows with non-resident student status receive a 62% reduction in tuition and fees (student portion = $5,601 annually for 21 credit hours.)
  • Credit hour tuition and fee details are listed on the USD tuition and fees page.
  • You may be asked to assist faculty in some teaching, but this typically is limited to fewer than 20 hours per year.

Other Financial Aid

As a full-time student enrolled in our graduate program, you may be eligible for other financial aid. Almost all of these financial aid sources are only available to citizens or permanent residents of the United States. If you do qualify, financial aid support may be available in the form of grants, work-study and loans. USD's Financial Aid Office manages this aspect of financial aid. There are strict deadlines for applying for some forms of financial aid, so you are encouraged to begin this process early.

Cost of Living

There is a lower cost of living in Vermillion than at several comparable university cities nearby. Excluding tuition and fees, USD calculates that it costs approximately $15,631 for you to live in Vermillion for one year. Living costs for on-campus graduate housing are slightly less than off-campus living costs.