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Case reports are an important way for physicians to learn about new information in patient presentation, treatment response or diseases. If you are a student with a case report to write for publication, contact any of the individuals below for mentoring and help.

Rapid City

Faculty Name Topic of Research Contact
Michael Huot, M.D. Anesthesia
Troy Howard, M.D. Ear, nose and throat
Priscilla Bade, M.D. Internal medicine
Rachel Edelen, M.D. Internal medicine/pediatrics
Matthew Simmons, M.D. Neurology
Luke Mortimer, M.D. Orthopedics
Christopher Dietrich, M.D. Physical medicine and rehabilitation
David Fromm, M.D. Surgery

Sioux Falls

Faculty Name Topic of Research Contact
Richard Clark, M.D. Cardiology
Orvar Jonsson, M.D. Cardiology
Marian Petrasko, M.D., Ph.D. Cardiology
Scott Pham, M.D. Cardiology
Naveen Rajpurohit, M.D. Cardiology
Christopher Stanton, M.D. Cardiology
Kelly Steffen, D.O. Cardiology
Adam Stys, M.D. Cardiology
Maria Stys, M.D. Cardiology
Tom Stys, M.D. Cardiology
Jorge Gilbert, M.D. Internal medicine/gastroenterology
Susan Hoover, M.D. Internal medicine/infectious diseases
Randall Lamfers, M.D. Internal medicine/hospitalist
Bhavesh Patel, M.D. Internal medicine/gastroenterology
Jerome Freeman, M.D. Neurology
Valentina Joseph, M.D. Neurology
Michael McHale, M.D. Oncology