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Research Project Description
Select the category that best describes your project.
Max 150 characters.
Describe briefly: 1) your objectives or hypothesis, 2) a brief description of your plan, 3) and its relevance to the field. (max: 4500 characters)
Develop a timeline including projected completion of preparations (including animal and human subjects protocol approvals); preliminary studies; data collection and analysis; writeup. (max: 4500 characters)
Budget Justification: Describe the types of expenses that will be covered by the award. The total estimated expenses combined for all expense categories should equal the total amount requested.
Provide specific details.
Provide specific details.
Provide specific details.
Provide specific details.
Human Subjects and Animal Protections
Does your project involve human subjects, data from human subjects, and/ or specimens from human subjects?
Does your project involve the use of vertebrate animals for research?
Confirmation and Agreement
By checking this box, I confirm that I have discussed this project proposal with my mentor(s) and have their support for carrying out the research plan.
Funding awards have reporting and programmatic requirements. These requirements include submitting a final project report and a poster presentation (or talk) of your research. Also, awardees must acknowledge the support of the USD Sanford School of Medicine Medical Student Research Program in any presentation or publication involving the sponsored research. By checking this box, I confirm that I will agree to adhere to the reporting and programmatic requirements if my project is funded.
Application Demographic Information (Optional)