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We at the Center for Disabilities are committed to lifelong learning for everyone. We offer a variety of topics and formats that are always expanding as we hear about new ideas and needs for receiving information.

Vocational Rehabilitation Employment Specialist Trainings

These two-day, hands-on trainings will provide participants with opportunities to observe, practice and discuss how to conduct situational assessments. This training helps assess job interests and skill level, as well as strategies to identify jobs and develop business relationships. A portion of the training will focus on fading strategies and implementation questions as a follow-up to the previous employment specialist trainings.

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Functional Sign Language Course

This course will teach core and fringe vocabulary units for beginning signers or those who are looking to refresh their signing skills. The content will provide signs to use with beginner communicators or those who experience challenges when sharing with others. This course is offered online with videos provided for independent practice between classes. Course participants will learn signs to use with all ages, from early childhood through adulthood.

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Dakota Cohort Trainings in Deaf-Blindness

The Dakota Cohort Trainings in Deaf-Blindness is a joint venture between the South Dakota Deaf-Blind Program and the North Dakota Dual Sensory Project. Its intent is to address the training needs of paraeducators, as well as early interventionists and school employees, who work with children with combined vision and hearing loss.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder Summer Institute

These hands-on trainings focus on teaching individuals with autism spectrum disorder via structured visual instruction. Participants are given the opportunity to work with trainers and implement strategies for individuals with ASD in a model classroom setting. There are typically two trainings held each year, one in Rapid City and one in Sioux Falls.

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Adult Service Provider Team Training

This training is a unique “train the trainer” opportunity for adult service providers working with adults with ASD. Participants will take part in hands-on sessions that will teach several evidence-based strategies to increase independence and on-task behavior. Staff from adult service provider agencies are encouraged to sign up as a team and will receive on-going trainer assistance.

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