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Deaf-Blind Program

Deaf-Blind Program

Welcome to South Dakota's Deaf-Blind Program. Every state in the nation has a Deaf-Blind Program and South Dakota's is at the Center for Disabilities. These programs provide technical assistance, training and resources to families and service providers of children (birth to 21) with varying levels of both hearing and vision loss. Services are geared toward improving educational outcomes for children of all ages in order to help prepare them for eventual transition into adulthood. Technical assistance is free of charge.

The following services are available on a statewide basis.

Technical assistance and support services include:

  • Understanding vision and hearing loss
  • Developing communication skills
  • Using accommodations and technology
  • Developing educational plans and meaningful strategies
  • Daily living skills and transitioning across life stages

For a listing of current trainings offered through the Center for Disabilities, check out our upcoming events.