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Deaf-Blind Project

The South Dakota Deaf-Blind Project promotes academic achievement and improves outcomes for children who are deaf-blind by providing technical assistance, sharing information and ensuring all children will graduate from high school ready for college or a career.

The South Dakota Deaf-Blind Project:

  • Provides methods to improve identification of all students who are deaf-blind
  • Offers individualized technical assistance plans for each student and their family to promote academic achievement
  • Provides on-site or long distance training to early intervention service (EIS) providers or others in a school where a child who is deaf-blind is served
  • Develops individualized technical assistance models for EIS providers, teachers and others
  • Communicates information and resources in a variety of online and written formats to all involved in serving a child who is deaf-blind
  • Supports adopting communication systems that allow children who are deaf-blind to have positive relationships with others, the ability to express themselves and be understood
  • Increases independent living skills
  • Facilitates self-determination

Birth to Three Project

The South Dakota Birth to Three Early Intervention Program serves children from birth to 36 months with developmental delays or disabilities and their families. This is a voluntary program which brings parents, caregivers and professionals together to encourage development in areas of delay.

Under Birth to Three services, early intervention is

  • A family-focused, in-home service for children from birth to 36 months of age with developmental delays
  • A system of services and support for families to help understand their child’s development and specific training to assist the family in addressing these areas of delay
  • A process that helps the adults in a child’s life learn to help the child develop