There are many benefits of using sign with students from as young as preverbal infants all the way to older students who struggle with reading. Research has also shown benefits for children with special needs including dyslexia, language impairments, Down syndrome and autism spectrum disorders, as well as for both hearing and deaf children in an inclusive education environment. The benefits of signing are not just for students, but for teachers, too. When children can communicate more clearly, teachers can respond to them more easily and feel more competent in their own work.

Training Opportunities

Functional Sign Language I

Functional Sign Language I is designed for beginning signers or those looking to refresh their skills. Sessions are offered in the summer, fall and spring.

Functional Sign Language II

Functional Sign Language II builds upon the vocabulary learned in Functional Sign Language I. Participants will gain additional conversational skills and will be exposed to the many uses of classifiers to effectively communicate in sign language. This course is offered based on demand and level of interest.

Eligible participants should have completed Functional Sign Language I or have similar training experience. Continuing education credits and university graduate credits are available for both courses.


Name Department & Office Contact
Rose Moehring
  • Coordinator, Deaf-Blind Program
Health Science Center - Sioux Falls 221