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The Center for Disabilities is located on the Sanford campus and is housed in the Health Sciences Center. Our staff is made up of a large group of professionals with a great variety of work experiences and educational backgrounds.

Bridget Amundson, B.S., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Phone: 605-357-1419

Joan Aughenbaugh, Birth to Three Intake Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1581

Greg Boris, Ed.D., Senior Leadership Development and Policy Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1474

Jamie Butler, B.S., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Phone: 605-357-1429

Teresa Byrnes, Clinic Coordinator
Phone: 605-357-1420

Debbie Carter, Accountant
Phone: 605-357-1431

Brenda Canfield, Senior Accountant
Phone: 605-357-1414

Kendra Gottsleben, B.A., Marketing Communication Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1462

Ryan Groeneweg, Ed.S., BCBA, Director of Community Education
Phone: 605-357-1411

Lenora Heckel, National Core Indicators (NCI) Coordinator
Phone: 605-357-1451

Pat Herman, MURP, AICP, ADAC, Special Projects Planner
Phone: 605-357-1577

John R. Johnson, Ph.D., Research and Development Director
Phone: 605-357-1439

Stephanie Krusemark, B.S., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Phone: 605-556-0067

Eric Kurtz, Ph.D., Executive Director
Phone: 605-357-1468

Marni Johnson Martin, Au.D., Interdisciplinary Training and Clinic Director
Phone: 605-357-1427

Emily Meier, M.A., Training and Technical Assistance Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1475

Shannon Nelson, B.S., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Phone: 605-996-3380

Amanda O'Neill, B.S., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator 
Phone: 605-357-1446

Jana Richardson, B.S., Finance and Administration Director
Phone: 605-357-1473

Nicole Saue, B.S.W., Birth to 3 Service Coordinator
Phone: 605-357-1346

Brandy Sebera, M.S., Deaf-Blind Program Instructor
Phone: 605-357-1439

Amy Scepaniak, M.S., COMS®/CLVT®, Deaf-Blind Program Coordinator
Phone: 6605-228-8742

Kurt Schiferl, B.S., Behavior Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1443

Melissa Stellingwerf, Department Assistant 
Phone: 605-357-1423

Letty Thelen, Department Assistant
Phone: 605-357-1418

Jim Warne, M.S., Community Engagement Director
Phone: 605-357-1439

Jon Wallner, M.S., Training Associate
Phone: 605-357-1516

Brandon Wenzel, Department Assistant
Phone: 605-357-1476

Wayne Weston, B.A., Training Specialist
Phone: 605-357-1439

Ann Wilson, Ph.D., Senior Research Associate
Phone: 605-357-1348