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We partner with Jim Warne of Warrior Society Development to help provide disability resources for Native Americans and other underserved populations in South Dakota. Our goal is to increase services, training and access to disability-focused efforts for these groups.

Oyate' Circle

The Oyate' Circle is a resource, education, outreach and training effort that serves Native Americans with disabilities in South Dakota. Led by Oglala Lakota tribal member Jim Warne and named after the Lakota word for "the people," the Oyate' Circle conducts education and outreach campaigns about the needs of Native Americans with disabilities. It also offers resources and training for tribal communities and informs them about programs and opportunities available through the center and other agencies.

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Disability Awareness Training Project

The Disability Awareness Training (DAT) Project provides four trainings throughout the state of South Dakota, strategically placed to include rural Native communities. The product that will be developed is a “how-to” handbook for Native community members and service providers, including tribal vocational rehabilitation, tribal college counselors and other professionals working with people with disabilities. We hosted a tribal vocational rehabilitation meeting last December in Rapid City at the South Dakota State University College of Nursing Indian Education Center to provide a forum for discussion and planning for the DAT trainings and a foundation for the “how-to” handbook.

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Partnership with Sinte Gleska Disability Center

We are partnering with Sinte Gleska University, a four-year tribal college on the Rosebud Reservation in central South Dakota, to provide training and develop new curriculum for a new human services degree specialization that addresses disability. These courses will be initiated through Sinte Gleska University with supported coursework at USD.