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The goal of the ethics and humanities section is to ensure that bioethics and professionalism are incorporated into the curriculum at all levels of the medical school. The curriculum supports and enhances ethical decision-making skills. It fosters compassion, respect and integrity when facing ethical challenges.

We sponsor periodic ethics and professionalism teachings sessions for Pillar One students. A clinical ethics online course has been developed that Pillar Two students throughout the state take during their initial in-depth exposure to clinical medicine. In addition, we have developed a bioethics certificate that students can opt to achieve. The certificate requires 12 credits in bioethics courses during the course of their four-year medical school curriculum. Three new online bioethics courses have been added:

  • Advanced Studies in Bioethics
  • Ethical Foundations for Clinical Research
  • Ethics, Professionalism and Leadership

In addition, we offer a clinical elective in bioethics, Ethical Issues in Medicine, for Pillar Three students.