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University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine

Medical students gain valuable experience in communication, clinical and procedural skills before encountering real patients. Carefully scripted scenarios involving simulators and standardized patients provide a laboratory for regular practice, assessment and feedback specifically tailored to each student throughout their training. Students and faculty are able to review the educational events captured through the B-Line™ digital recordings system, which provides an unparalleled opportunity for study and improved performance.

Graduate Medical Education

Residents specializing in surgery, pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine are able to practice managing critical and rarely encountered events involving complex procedures on life-like simulators without putting real patients at risk. Ethically challenging situations may be recreated through the use of standardized patient encounters.

University of South Dakota School of Health Sciences

Students from nursing, physician assistant, occupational and physical therapy, addiction studies and social work programs are given opportunities to practice within discipline-specific scenarios.

Sioux Falls VA Health Care System

Personnel at the Sioux Falls VA Health Care System have access to the Center for training and teaching purposes of improving staff development and enhancement of health care for veterans.

Clinical Faculty

Clinical faculty can use the Center for peer evaluation of clinical skills as part of credentialing, remediation, and continuing medical education.