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Program Characteristics

  • Fellows trained for careers in private, academic or institutional-based practices.
  • Fellows generally enter the program after completion of the general psychiatry program, but may be considered after PGY1.
  • Applicants may be accepted into both general and child and adolescent psychiatry if they desire to become child psychiatrists.


Program Aims


The Aims of the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Residency Training program are:


1) To provide residents within the program with the education and tools needed to successfully enter into a variety of different practice settings or additional post - residency fellowship programs upon completion of the program.

2) To provide a personalized training environment that is individualized and flexible to accommodate the needs of each resident, that will teach to his/her strengths.

3) To provide an educational environment that stresses the development of strong clinical skills, but which also encourages and teaches the importance of lifelong learning and preparation for Board Certification.

4) To provide enhanced training in the use of tele-psychiatry services in order to educate residents on ways to enhance their clinical footprint outside of their local community and into areas that may lack access to mental health services.

5) To exemplify and empower both faculty members and residents to live a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle, by promoting physician wellness initiatives and educating on the prevention of physician burnout.