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Block 1 Hot Seat HEME Blood Bank Autopsy
Block 2 VA Clinical Elective VA Surgical Surgical Pathology
Block 3 Blood Bank VA Clinical HEME Surgical Pathology
Block 4 Hot Seat Blood Bank Chemistry Autopsy
Block 5 Elective Microbiology VA Surgical Surgical Pathology
Block 6 HEME VA Surgical VA Clinical Surgical Pathology
Block 7 Molecular Hot Seat VA Surgical VA Clinical
Block 8 Advanced Surgical VA Surgical Micro HEME
Block 9 Lab Management Elective Hot Seat Chemistry
Block 10 Molecular VA Surgical Cytopathology VA Clinical
Block 11 Chemistry Hot Seat Elective HEME
Block 12 Elective VA Clinical Hot Seat VA Surgical
Block 13 Elective Hot Seat Advanced Surgical Blood Bank


  • Each resident takes primary AP/CP call for a week at a time, typically seven weeks per year
  • Residents rotate major holidays, usually amounting to one major holiday per year
  • Staff pathologist is on call with resident at all times
  • CP call consists mainly of occasional clinical chemistry and blood banking phone calls
  • Resident is responsible for occasional bone marrow biopsies and aspirates on weekend
  • Residents take beeper call from home; there are no call rooms

Frozen Sections

  • Staff pathologist is responsible for being physically present for all frozen sections
  • Hot seat resident is responsible for frozen specimens during weekday hours
  • On-call resident is responsible for frozen sections after hours and on weekends
  • When possible, resident will perform frozen section and inform requesting physician of diagnosis


  • Resident on call is not responsible for forensic autopsies, unless arrangements have been made with forensic pathologist and/or assistant coroners for Minnehaha County
  • Resident on call is responsible for all weekend autopsies done at the Sioux Falls VA Medical Center and Sanford USD Medical Center (excluding forensic), unless so directed by forensic pathologist.