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We are committed to balancing education and service for our residents. Residents are excused from clinical responsibilities to attend classes on Wednesdays. Elective time in the fourth year is protected for research or to sample practice settings.


  • Primary care - 4 months
  • Neurology - 2 months
  • Inpatient psychiatry - 6 months


  • Inpatient units and emergency psychiatry - 8 months
  • Substance abuse - 2 months
  • Child psychiatry - 2 months


  • Outpatient psychiatry - 12 months


  • Senior resident, mentor McKennan Teaching Service - 4 months
  • Electives, including board review and research


  • Six hours of principles of research design
  • 12 hours of structured critical review of current psychiatry literature
  • Intended to allow residents to derive opinions about internal validity and generalization of research reports
  • Residents are exposed to single-subject designs for clinical decision making
  • Residents work with faculty to complete an academic project demonstrating skills in structured scientific inquiry
  • Projects are occasionally published in peer-reviewed journals