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Program Characteristics

  • Up to seven elective blocks with a schedule designed specifically for each resident
  • Flexible scheduling allows each resident to pursue his or her interests
  • Great faculty-to-resident ratio in both a traditional medical education setting and a one-on-one model

What our Graduates are Saying

"If I could go back, I would 100% choose USD for my transitional year program again. Not only does the program offer the academic rigor during inpatient medicine months to deepen residents' general medical knowledge, but also the flexibility of a variety of electives. The opportunity to do 2 months of dermatology during my TY year was incredibly helpful as I began my dermatology residency training, and an aspect of my intern year that was unique when compared to my peers. Sioux Falls is also a great place to live, with its rapidly expanding entertainment options, delicious restaurants, and easy access to larger cities such as Omaha and Minneapolis. All in all, USD's TY program is unbeatable!" 

Lexi Streifel, 2020-2021


“Phenomenal program with great learning opportunities. Best TY program in the country.” 

Nick Hanna, 2020-2021


"The Transitional Year at the University of South Dakota Sanford School of Medicine has everything to start your residency career off well! You will get plenty of experience managing patients in the hospital setting ranging from pancreatitis to diabetic ketoacidosis to respiratory failure. Couple this with a wide range of electives, you will be ready to tackle the first year of your advanced program. The attendings that you will work with are great mentors and help to expand your medical knowledge while attempting to tailor it towards your advanced position. At both hospitals, the hospital staff help residents succeed and are very easy to work with. The icing on the cake for this program are all of the perks that are provided. From a residency stipend, time off to take board exams, parking, food and many other perks, this program really caters to you and allows your focus to be on learning. The program also focuses on well-being and I can say that I felt very happy during this year. I cannot recommend this program highly enough and I hope that you chose to match here!"
- Samuel Jensen, M.D., 2019-2020

"The transition from student to resident is a landmark juncture on one’s medical journey. The technical skills, clinical encounters, and independence learned at this stage form the foundation of a career. A single statement encapsulates my sojourn at the University of South Dakota Transitional Program: I became a physician."

– Alex Reid, 2018-2019

 "The University of South Dakota has the best TY program in the country, hands down. From the small details of parking and food to the delicate balance of autonomy and oversight, USD has molded a program that is ideal for skill development, residency wellness and the pursuit of personal professional goals. Most importantly, the folks at USD, Avera and Sanford genuinely care about residents. You only have one year as an intern, and to not consider spending it in Sioux Falls would be a mistake."
–Brent Kramer, M.D. , Dan Delaney, M.D., Mike da Silva, M.D., and Trevor Kindle, M.D. 2017-2018

"Wow! This year has been better than I could have ever hoped for! When I was applying to intern year programs, I researched over 100 programs all across the country and this one was the clear winner. There are so many unique things about this program which make it, without question, the best transitional year in the country. The program coordinator and director are the most enthusiastic and easy going people to work with and will bend over backwards to make sure you get the rotations you want. Seven months of electives let you truly tailor the year to your specific specialty. The physicians, nursing, and other ancillary staff are some of the kindest people I've had the pleasure to work with, and you will not ever be forced to do the typical scut work of an intern. The huge selection of free food in the cafeteria has literally saved me hundreds of dollars this year. Other perks, like a moving stipend and free resident parking, mean you can start paying off those medical school loans early! Finally, Sioux Falls has the charm of a small town with all the amenities of a larger city, including a conveniently located airport, dozens of superb dining venues, and a multitude of community sponsored events. If you couldn't tell, I would certainly choose this program again, and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did!"
-Casey Cotton, D.O., 2015-2016

"This is a fantastic Transitional Year! The unparalleled flexibility and customization in my schedule allowed me the freedom to decide how to best prepare for my upcoming residency. The faculty, residents, and staff are universally friendly and welcoming, and Sioux Falls is an excellent, safe place to live with lots of outdoor activities to do, which I loved. I am very lucky I was able to spend my Transitional Year here and can't recommend this program enough!
-Alex D'Angelo, M.D., 2015-2016