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Student Accomplishments

The Scholarship Pathways Program student presentations and publications can be viewed in the bibliography.

Student Testimonials

Why did you apply to the Scholarship Pathways Program?

  •  I applied to the Scholarship Pathways Program because I wanted an opportunity to get involved in research in medicine and have something valuable on my CV for residency applications.
  • SPP offered an early chance to become involved in a scholarly project, something I knew be crucial in my professional development. It was a structured curriculum that provided a framework for me to navigate, which was important in my consideration due to my previous minimal experience.
  • I applied to the SPP because I knew it would be a great opportunity to kick-start my involvement in research as a medical student.
  • I applied to the Scholarship Pathways Program for an opportunity to work with a mentor, learn about the research process, and broaden my resume as I completed my medical education. I not only achieved all of these things, but also became passionate about my educational project, which fostered an interest in future work or research in medical education.
  • I was looking for a supportive environment which would provide me with the resources necessary to conduct a worthwhile research project while working with an expert in the subject. I had limited research exposure, so it was important to me to have structure.

How did you decide on a project?

  •  I was given a list of projects that were suggested by a resident who had a lot of experience in research. I chose one of the projects from that list that looked interesting and was related to the field that I wanted to go in to.
  • I reached out to a specialist in my field of interest. They did not have a project themselves, but were aware of one of their partners who was actively engaged in research. They key is to just reach out and express interest, there are projects everywhere.
  • I chose a project based on both my specialty and basic science interests at that time.
  • I knew that I was interested in an educational project, and I was presented with an idea from my mentor for a project involving medical education. It felt like a good fit moving forward, and it allowed me to improve my own clinical skills while completing the research.
  • I had worked with my mentor during the Medical Student Summer Research Program and collaborated with him on a project which we both found interesting and timely. I wanted a strong background in basic science research.

Describe the role of your mentor in completing your project and presenting at a conference?

  •  My mentor was very involved and helped me through every step. He gave me advice and helped me plan the project, collect data, and create my final poster and manuscript.
  • My mentor helped formulate the project idea, guided the IRB and project proposal and set research goals for me. We monthly meetings to discuss projects and concerns. I presented at the conference by myself, which was something I wanted to do.
  • My mentor was instrumental in providing me with the necessary resources to put together a professional poster for presentations and manuscript for publication.
  • My mentors were an invaluable resource for creating the project outline and for answering any questions that I had along the way. They truly cared about the success of the project and helped me to find multiple conferences to present at.
  • My mentor provided expertise in the area of immunology and assisted with experiment design as well as composition of scholarly materials related to publication and presentations.

What were the major benefits of being a part of the Scholarship Pathways Program?

  • The major benefits of being part of the Scholarship Pathways Project include becoming more proficient at research and writing scientific papers as well as contributing to a well-rounded CV.
  • Financial support, accreditation and protected time for research as well as a supportive staff to ensure your ultimate success.
  • The major benefit of the SPP was that it allowed me to assess my interest in being involved in research in my future career as a physician. It also allowed me to publish a manuscript and have experiences presenting research.
  • This program provides a structured framework for conducting and completing a quality research project in a timely fashion. This is ever important in the competitive and advancing medical field.

What did you learn or enjoy most about participating in the program?

  • I enjoyed the entire process from taking a project from the very beginning and working it out all the way through the finished product. It has been a great learning experience and has definitely helped me for my future career.
  • Medicine is an ever-evolving field and understanding the mechanisms of change rooted in research is a key part of becoming a successful physician.
  • I learned of the unexpected difficulties one encounters when performing research and the perseverance that is necessary to push a project to fruition. I enjoyed the relationships I was able to develop with those in my lab and obtaining knowledge on best research practices that will serve me well in the future.
  • The ability to learn new information and be immersed in scientific thinking.