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Our students participate in service learning throughout their training.

Coyote Clinic

Our students created the Coyote Clinic in downtown Sioux Falls. The clinic provides health care for uninsured and low income residents.

Scholarship Pathways Program

A service track within the Scholarship Pathways Program enhances our medical student experience. Students grow their community service and leadership development.

Other Service Opportunities

We've also had students participate in:

  • International health care experiences around the globe.
  • Volunteering as part of the cultural immersion project at settings that include Indian reservations, Hutterite colonies and care facilities for the disabled, deaf and blind.
  • Administering flu shots to elementary students as part of a statewide initiative.
  • Training to deploy in case of a health care emergency.
  • Organizing charity events to raise money for scholarships and domestic violence shelters.