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Missouri River Basin Education Network

Designed with students, teachers and the general public in mind, this project seeks to promote Missouri River education through information, interactive activities and more. The Missouri River Basin Education Network website provides information and educational resources that cover topics related to the biology, geology, recovery efforts and history of the Missouri River.

MNRR Water Trail

The MRI, in cooperation with the National Park Service, has established a water trail for canoes and kayaks along the Missouri National Recreational River (MNRR).

The water trail extends from Ft. Randall Dam near Pickstown, SD, to Sioux City, IA. Most of the water trail lies within the MNRR, a National Park unit consisting of free-flowing segments of the Missouri River. Lewis & Clark Lake is also included within the water trail to allow a connection for paddlers between segments of the MNRR.

Future plans for the water trail include improving public access to the river, providing float trip information and building an interactive website that can be used to plan float trips.

Missouri River Water Quality Database

The Missouri River Institute maintains a water quality database for use by USD and other research projects. The database can be viewed online through an interactive map and database of the Water Quality Monitoring Network.