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River StudiesIntroduction to River Studies

(Next offering: Fall 2019)

This course focuses on important topics for large river systems. Emphasis is placed on the Missouri River, but other large rivers are also covered. Themes include physical processes, ecology, history and management. Role-playing, decision-making exercises emphasizing multiple stakeholder viewpoints occur during the latter half of the semester.

Field trips to observe the Missouri River and its tributaries take place throughout the semester. Specific topics covered in the course include:

  • Large rivers in North America
  • Water law and policy
  • River geology
  • River ecology
  • Water quality
  • History and culture of the river

Science CultureScience, Culture and History of the Missouri River

(Next offering: TBD)

This course uses both in-class lectures and field trips to study the Missouri River and its tributaries. Course content includes methods and materials for K-12 teachers, but the course open to all students.

  • Topics covered in the course include:
  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Natural and cultural history of the river
  • Impacts of policy decisions on the river