Employees recognized for years of service at USD

VERMILLION, S.D. -- The University of South Dakota recognized more than 100 employees at its annual Employee Recognition Reception in Slagle Auditorium. The reception honored employees who have 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 40 years of service at The U.

Employees honored for 10 years of service were Bonnie Bentaas, payroll; Nate Brady, information technology service; Laurie Brown, music; Paul Brueggman, communication disorders; Eric Dalseide, audiovisual services; Richard Ekstrom, physical therapy; Harry Freeman, counseling and psych in education; Marvin Gamble, mathematical sciences; Clinton Gray, chemistry; Emily Haddad, English; Patrick Hauer, physical therapy; Kaius Helenurm, biology; Keith Hansen, obstetrics/gynecology; Barton Kjellsen, basic biomedical sciences; Wendy Knutson, educational administration; Angeline Lavin, Beacom School of Business; Paula Mabee, biology; Charlotte Marek, facilities management; Kim Miller, I.D. Weeks Library; Kimberly Morecraft, basic biomedical sciences; Richard Muller, Beacom School of Business; Lloyd Mork, facilities management; Debra Norris, social work; Jane Olson, graduate school office; Joe Parlett, information technology service; William Richardson, political science; Brittany Schmidt, center for disabilities; Douglas Sevening, facilities management; Cheryl Tiahrt, information technology service; Xuejun Wang, medical research centers; Duane Weinacht, biology; and Paul Wold, facilities management.

Honored for 15 years of employment at USD were Hee-Sook Choi, counseling and psych in education Diane Duin, Beacom School of Business; Albert Fish, facilities management; Michelle Gannon, English;

Anthony Gerdes III, medical research centers;Julie Heine, educational administration;Ruth Hessman, computer science;Geralyn Jacobs, curriculum and instruction;Heidi Johnson, nursing; Leon Korte, Beacom School of Business;Karen Koster, biology; Diane Larson, art;Chad Lavin, intercollegiate athletics; Linda Martinson, graduate school office;Brian Molyneaux, anthropology and sociology;Glenda Ofstehage, honors; Heidi Olson, Headstart;Terri Peterson, housing;Theron Proctor, counseling and psych in education;Kumoli Ramakrishnan, Beacom School of Business, Lynne Roach, Beacom School of Business;Roberta Rude, theatre; Suleman Said, basic biomedical sciences;Francis Schieber, Jr., psychology;Cindy Soyland, health sciences library;Sandra Teigen, nursing;Elizabeth Todd-Bazemore, psychology;Peder Vagle, facilities management;Joseph Vitt, chemistry; and Rosann Weiss, Headstart.

Employees recognized for 20 years of service were Jerome Anderson, I.D. Weeks Library; James Balakier, English; David Boots, intercollegiate athletics; Sandra Carlson, College of Fine Arts; Timothy Case, theatre; Julie Fallan, dental hygiene; Bruce Fischbach, intercollegiate athletics; Eric Hagen, theatre; Priscilla Hagen, theatre; Loraine Hartig, family medicine; Shannon Hirsch, basic biomedical sciences; Arden Junker, facilities management; Yuhlong Lio, mathematical sciences; Beverly Murra, dental hygiene; Kimberly Moore, student counseling center; Sylvia Moore, theatre; Kathy Nelson, College of Arts and Sciences; Robert Reinke, Beacom School of Business; Holly Solem, Headstart; Harry St. Peter, facilities management; Holly Straub, psychology; Janice Strom, earth science/physics; and Judy Struck, Center for Disabilities.

Honored for their 25 years of service at The U were Kay Austin, medical student services; Paul Bliss, basic biomedical sciences; Ann Brunick, dental hygiene; Susan Collins, facilities management; Lisa Hoesing, Headstart; Rhonda Hulkonen, Beacom School of Business; Billie James, TRIO-Upward Bound; Kenneth James, earth science/physics; David Lorenz, academic advising and testing; Debralee Nelson, dental hygiene; and Stephen Yarbrough, music.

Employees honored for 30 years of service were Margaret Banks, history of musical instrument;Lawrence Bradley, anthropology and sociology; Nancy Craig, Beacom School of Business; Gary Dahlin, facilities management; Lawrence Fenton, pediatrics; Jean Henriques, School of Law; Wanda Johnson, basic biomedical sciences; Ardis Lippert, I.D. Weeks Library; and Daniel Neufeld, basic biomedical sciences.

Three employees were recognized for 35 years of employment: Mary Brevik, anthropology and sociology; Andre Larson, history of musical instruments; and Wener Kitzler, language, linguistics and philosophy; Thomas Allen, anthropology and sociology, was honored for his 40 years of service to The University of South Dakota.