USD, Sanford School of Medicine respond to tough economic times

VERMILLION, S.D. -- The University of South Dakota and the Sanford School of Medicine today announced budget cuts equal to approximately 0.5 percent of its annual budget and a redirection of an additional 1.25 percent to programs of strategic importance to the University and its students. As a result, 19 open positions will be eliminated and 13 staff and three faculty members will be laid off. USD and the Sanford School of Medicine currently employ 833 staff and 431 faculty members.

Out of a combined budget of approximately $163 million, USD and the Sanford School of Medicine will cut $852,000 from the budget and reinvest more than $2.07 million in University programs. Just as the University has invested in new facilities, including the Muenster University Center and the Andrew E. Lee Memorial Medicine and Science Building, USD will invest in new programs, such as the recently approved Health Sciences major, and will strengthen existing programs, including biomedical engineering, chemistry and physics.

Each University vice president was asked to identify potential budget reductions of 3 percent. Recommendations from the vice presidents were reviewed by the University Budget Committee. In accepting the recommendations of the University Budget Committee, USD President James W. Abbott noted, "In difficult economic times, we must operate as efficiently as possible while continuing to invest in programs that advance the strategic goals of the University."