Copyright is a form of Intellectual Property protection granted to “original works of authorship fixed in a tangible medium of expression.” A copyright disclosure is similar to an invention disclosure except it pertains to original works of authorship. The South Dakota Board of Regents policy generally provides for personal ownership of works of scholarship and creations of original works of art and literature. In most cases, these do not need to be disclosed. Where the BOR has no ownership and you desire documentation of such, contact the Technology Transfer Office for a written disclaimer of Board ownership. There are a number of conditions under which disclosure of copyrightable works should occur:

  • When a creator wishes to commercialize a work including software and some non-software materials created with substantial use of university resources
  • When the work arose from research or scholarship funded under an agreement requiring public access
  • When the work has been specifically commissioned by USD or another entity
  • When the work has commercial value and the creator does not which to retain the responsibility to commercialize the work

More information regarding copyright is available on our Portal site; if you have any questions about how copyright works or whether a particular work should be disclosed, contact the Technology Transfer Office by email at or by phone at 605-677-6229.