Hazardous waste management includes pick-up of unwanted chemicals and contaminated wastes from laboratories, as well as ensuring appropriate disposal of materials per both federal and state regulations. It is important for all students and employees of the University of South Dakota to understand what hazardous waste is and to manage it properly. Before disposing of any chemical, please check with EHS to make sure that it gets managed properly.

The most important aspect of hazardous waste management is ensuring that labeling is accurate. Hazardous waste that is improperly labeled risks the safety of individuals in the laboratory as well as those in waste management. Therefore, EHS provides Hazardous Waste Labels to help ensure uniformity and accuracy of labeling. Prior to EHS pick-up of hazardous waste, a Hazardous Waste Label must be filled out for each waste container. In the event that an unknown hazardous waste is found or generated please contact EHS and we will work together to appropriately identify the hazardous waste.

For any assistance in appropriately labeling of hazardous waste email ehs@usd.edu or stop by the Laboratory Safety Office in Churchill-Haines 188.