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The IRB and the Office of Human Subjects Protection can offer support and assistance. Support is available for anyone, from the novice researcher to the experienced investigator. Upon request, a representative from the IRB or Office of Human Subjects Protection is available to work directly with the researchers. Support and assistance can help the research team in the preparation of their research project for IRB review. IRB information and procedures can be very complex and intimidating as human subject research protection is regulated by the federal government. Support and assistance can make a difference! The staff of the Office of Human Subjects Protection and the members of our IRB want to work as a team with investigators to meet our joint and primary responsibility of protecting human subjects.

Regrettably, even with the best of intentions, divergent ideas are sometimes difficult to reconcile. If you have concerns or complaints about the service you received from the Research Compliance Office or the IRB please feel free to contact the Office of Human Subjects Protection directly and we will work together to find a suitable resolution. Please contact the Human Subjects Protection (, 605-677-6184 with any concerns.