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Proposals which may result in an award to the university must be submitted through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs. Proposals that will result in an award directly to an individual faculty member need not be submitted through USD, but faculty should be aware of any potential conflict of interest with respect to their employment by the SD Board of Regents. Grant specialists will assist PIs in prospecting for funding opportunities, providing templates and assistance in budget development, and spot checking for RFP compliance.

Our office will also assist with external review of proposals that have significant university-wide or programmatic impact if requests are made sufficiently early. Sponsored programs will work with the PI to ensure compliance with university and BOR policies, determine the interested parties through whom the proposal must be routed for approval, and initiate and monitor progress through the electronic routing process. ORSP will submit the fully approved proposal to the relevant funding agency as well as coordinate acceptance of awards, review of award terms and conditions, submission of required award amendments, and preparation of subaward documents. Required award amendments and documents for subawards will be jointly prepared by the PI and ORSP.

Proposals & Funding

Funding for research and creative work comes from external sources (government agencies, foundations, private corporate partners) as well as focused internal programs. Whatever the source, the competition for financial project support is clear. The ORSP provides assistance and consultation to support faculty and student researchers and scholars in their efforts to gain a competitive edge. Sponsored programs staff members manage a rapidly growing number of funding applications from USD, submitting hundreds of proposals each year.

Useful Reference Information

Official Name and Address: University of South Dakota, 414 E. Clark St., Vermillion, SD 57069-2390
Cognizant Agency: U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
EIN: 46-6000364
DUNS #: 929930808
Congressional District: SD-001
Animal Welfare Assurance Number: A3207-01
IRB Federal-Wide Assurance Number: FWA00002421
Authorized Organizational Representative: Daniel Engebretson, Vice President of Research & Sponsored Programs
FiscalPoint of Contact: Valarie Hower, Grants Accounting Manager
Administrative Point of Contact: Jackie Selling, Melinda Robinson and Travis Perry, Grant Specialists

Contact ORSP staff for assistance with:

  • Obtaining signatures for awards and contracts
  • Subaward processing
  • Collaboration agreements/ letters of support
  • Project progress reporting status
  • Initiating transfers/relinquishment
  • Information about facilities & administration costs
  • Locating USD faculty with specific expertise as potential project partners
  • General information requests 

National Science Foundation Definitions of Basic, Applied and Developmental Research

Indirect Cost Rate Agreement