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The University of South Dakota provides a rich environment for innovation, artistry and discovery with research and creative activity opportunities across many disciplines. In addition to individual research projects, the University hosts multidisciplinary research centers that foster academic excellence and spur economic growth.

ORSP Mission

The mission of the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs is to enable the highest quality research and creative activities by USD faculty, staff, and students, thereby contributing to basic understanding of the universe and humanity’s place in it, providing an enriched intellectual and aesthetic environment for the community, and contributing knowledge and experience for the benefit of society.

ORSP Vision

Research and creative activities constitute one of the most valued contributions from the faculty and students at the University of South Dakota. They are the foundation of a rigorous graduate education and a distinguishing factor in the undergraduate liberal arts experience. Great efforts are made with a focus on achieving some of the noblest goals that spring from human nature, to deeply understand the workings of the universe and to understand and improve the human condition. ORSP will provide support to promote these activities through assistance in:

1)securing resources to foster research and creative activities,
2)building networks and collaborations for large scale projects,
3)disseminating research findings and technological innovations to the public,
4)creating a safe workplace for researchers,
5)promoting ethical conduct in research, including protection of vulnerable populations and environments potentially impacted by research.

ORSP is attentive to the benefits that diversity contributes to the research endeavor and supports USD’s Inclusive Excellence strategic goals. We support the educational and outreach projects that broaden the societal impact of new knowledge and experience.