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What Makes Us Crazy

Who we are

The Coyote Crazies are a student athletic booster group open to all USD students. The intent of the Crazies' leadership is to improve student engagement in Coyote Athletics and school pride by building a committed student fan base and a game day atmosphere that is made for the students, by the students. 


The Coyote Crazies became an official student organization in 2013 but have been cheering on the Coyote Athletics since the 1990’s. The Crazies started in 1996 and were in full swing by the fall of 1997. 

Executive Board


The Pack  Alphas
 Priority and Early Seating
 Front Row Seating X
Creating an Impactful Gameday X
Access to Exclusive Cheer Gear X
 Adidas Sports Packs  
 Working Closely with Athletics  
 Team and Coach Meet and Greets   X


We begin each game by playing "We’re Going Hunting" and doing the Yote Sway. This gets us hype as one group and ready to support the Yotes. During each game we like to sing "Gives You Hell" along with the band, as well as put our paws up during serves and free throws. Toward the end of the game, we are jingling our keys to signal for the other team to start the bus. 


Core Sports  




Men’s Basketball

Women’s Basketball

Fine Arts




In addition to these events, the Crazies put on a Meet and Eat with the athletics department each semester as well as One Crazie Night to get students prepared and excited for the upcoming athletic season. 

Contact us

Sign up at to become a general member or click here to become an alpha. 
Email us at and follow our social media Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @coyotecrazies.

Looking to have the Crazies at an event? Click here!