Center for Diversity & Community

Striving to uphold the excellence of our communities.

Striving for Excellence

The Center for Diversity and Community (CDC) is here to serve the diversity and inclusiveness needs of the USD student body and in particular, support communities that have historically been marginalized. Our office utilizes a broad and inclusive definition of diversity that includes disability, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, religion, race/ethnicity (including White), nationality, veteran status and other social identities that are part of the campus community.


USD Diversity and Community

A mosaic is an art form derived from arranging small colored pieces of glass, stone, or tile to form a picture or pattern. Found in various cultures around the world, these individual pieces come together to create a unified work of art. This imagery is a strong metaphor for the diverse community at USD. Beauty can be seen in the individuals that are a part of our campus and as we come together as a community, the individuals become a part of a beautiful work of art—The Mosaic.

The Center for Diversity and Community welcomes you to be part of the beautifully diverse mosaic that is USD. The Center exists to celebrate our diverse identities, educate around those identities and the dynamics that impact our relationships, as well as support our diverse USD populations.

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Services & Programming

Our office offers a wide variety of services and programming to meet the needs of our students:

  • Cultural, social and retention support programming
  • Student leadership engagement, development and training
  • Advisement and support for student organizations
  • Celebration, education and recruitment activities to support diversity
  • Educational opportunities to enrich and support the USD academic mission