Military and Veteran Student Services

Military & Veteran Services

Honoring military and veteran students and their families with social and academic support as they transition and complete higher education.
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Helping You Transition

USD has prioritized programs and services to help military and veteran students integrate into student life as smoothly as possible. Whether you're studying on campus or via an online or distance program, military and veteran students have access to academic and social support like:

  • Tutoring
  • Military and veteran transition course
  • Student veterans clubs and organizations
  • Veterans Affairs reintegration support
  • Peer monitoring programs

Why Select USD?

We could give a list of reasons why our military students love USD but we figured it would be better to let them speak for themselves.

"Everyone is great at working with soldiers to ensure the best outcome for them, such as classes, due dates, military absences, etc."

"USD is a very veteran friendly institution."

"USD veteran services are great and welcoming."

Veteran Center Counseling Services

There services are a confidential source for a broad range of counseling, outreach and referral services for current and prior military personnel and their family members. Individual, couples and family counseling, support and educational groups and referral to other resources are provided. There is no charge for the services provided from the vet centers. The mission is to provide post-service and post-combat readjustment to civilian life, to include counseling for post-traumatic stress responses.