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Graduate Student Group This confidential group is designed to support graduate students in managing the intense demands of graduate work as well as general adjustments to graduate/professional school environment. This group is a space to share and connect with peers whom are experiencing similar circumstances. The group will emphasize the development of coping skills and support systems as well as provide a safe place to process and address a variety of topics. Topics include perfectionism, stress management, relationships, isolation, burnout and maintaining balance.


Mindful Self-Compassion GroupMindful Self-Compassion (MSC) is an 8-week training program, meeting 1 hour each week, designed to help people cultivate self-compassion and improve psychological well-being. MSC contains a variety of experiential exercises, meditations, and informal practices for use in daily life. By developing self-compassion skills, we will improve our coping strategies when difficult situations arise. Sign up by September 15th. Start date September 22nd.


Managing Anxiety Group This group will take place for 6 weeks beginning Oct 1 at 2 pm and occurring weekly through November 5. This group will be closed that addresses managing anxiety. A closed group means that once we begin sessions, the same people will attend each session and material from previous sessions will be built on and continue into future sessions. A minimum of 5 students must sign up for the group to begin. A maximum of 8 students will be accepted in order to maintain best practices for closed groups. The antidote to anxiety is trust: please consider trusting yourself to experiment with this process as an option for decreasing your symptoms of anxiety. If you are interested, please sign up for the group. As part of signing up the process includes a screening appointment with you individually so we can work together to see if this option will be a good fit for you and we can address any concerns you have about participation.