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Campus Green Initiative Fund


The Green Initiative Fund gives USD students the opportunity to enhance campus by implementing innovative projects that reduce waste, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, and motivate continued progress toward a sustainable campus environment. The fund helps provide support and guidance for students who want to make a lasting impact on campus. All ideas are encouraged and all students are welcome to apply.  Fall project proposals are due October 18th, 2021. Submit any project ideas you may have for the Green Initiative Fund on Coyote One Stop.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Green Initiative Fund? 

The Green Initiative Fund addresses challenges facing our planet by granting students financial resources to make long-lasting environmental improvements on campus. The fund gives students the opportunity to learn project planning and implementation skills while generating ideas, pride, and momentum to inspire further action in our community.

How did the Green Initiative Fund start?

The Student Government Association (SGA) started the Green Initiative Fund (GIF) in April 2016, and the first funds were spent in fiscal year 2017 to start the campus bike share program.

How much is the Green Initiative Fund?

Each spring semester, SGA allocates funds to the GIF through the annual budget process, which requires the full SGA Senate to pass a bill approving the SGA budget for the fiscal year beginning in July. The Senate typically allocates $5,000 to the GIF, but the amount can vary. These funds come from the General Activity Fee (GAF) paid by students.

Who administers the Green Initiative Fund?

The President’s Joint Committee on Sustainability reviews all project proposals and makes recommendations on how to award the funds. SGA senators serving on the Committee bring the recommendations to the full SGA Senate, and then Senate votes on the final decision. Multiple projects may receive funding each application cycle. Funds are to be used within a single fiscal year: July 1st through the last day of the spring semester final exam period.

Who can apply?

  • USD enrolled students. Full-time, part-time, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible. Working in teams is encouraged, though one student should identify as the main contact for the GIF.
  • USD registered student organizations. (To register a new student organization, please visit

What types of projects can be funded?

  • We are looking for projects that:

    • Measurably reduce USD’s carbon footprint and/or waste into the future.

    • Involve a visible component.

  • We encourage partnering with an established campus office or department.

  • All else being equal, we prefer projects that benefit people and areas of campus that have benefited least from environmental improvements in the past.

  • Ineligible Projects:

    • Speakers

    • Films

    • Awards, Gifts, Scholarships

What are examples of past projects?

  • Campus bike share program

  • Recycling & landfill bins for residence hall rooms

What are examples of future projects?

More Questions?

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Propose a Project


Students have the opportunity to apply for the Green Initiative Fund in both the Fall and the Spring semester. Start by submitting a pre-proposal. Selected pre-proposals will be given feedback and asked to submit a full project proposal for consideration. Please see the timeline for deadlines. 

  • Fall Application

    • Pre-proposals due October 18, 2021

    • Full proposals (if selected) due November 5, 2021

    • Decision made by beginning of December

    • Funds must be spent by May 6th, 2022

  • Spring Application

    • Pre-proposals due February 18, 2022

    • Full proposals (if selected) due March 18, 2022

    • Decision made by mid April

    • Funds must be spent between July 1, 2022 and May 5, 2023


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