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  1. Save and sign your receipt(s). If the receipt is for food then you must have a sign in sheet to track who was at your event.
  2. Print out reimbursement form
    1.  Reimbursement Example
  3. Fill out/follow directions on the form
  4. If you are not on university payroll and/or have never received a reimbursement before, please fill out a W-9. If you are on payroll or have received a reimbursement before, you may skip this step.
  5. Attach receipt to form(s) and W-9 (if necessary)
  6. Bring documents to SGA Office - MUC 143. If someone is at the desk, ask them to get it to the business manager. If no one is there please place your documents on the front desk. If the door is locked please slide your documents under the front door.
  7. Expect the reimbursement process to take 1-2 weeks if you are already in the system. If you are filling out a W-9 for the first time, expect the reimbursement process to take 2-3 weeks.

For questions, email our business manager, Aaron Mallinger at