The University of South Dakota has more than 170 student organizations that are officially recognized by the Student Government Association. Student organizations are based on, centered around, led, governed and directed by students. These organizations make a difference in the lives of students by creating a connection to campus, the community and their peers. Student organizations on campus are based on an array of topics, interests and fields of study.

The large number of organizations allows students to connect with a group of peers with similar interests. When coupled with the dedication of its student members, the campus culture is greatly enriched. Student organizations have a real and profound effect on the university and the outside world through their vision, goals and accomplishments.

List of Student Organizations

Starting a New Student Organization

There are three steps students must take before SGA will recognize an organization on campus:

  1. Visit the Student organizations listing to fill out an interest form. (Click on add or update your organization, enter your USD username/password and follow the steps to submit an interest form.) Once this is completed, the organization will be granted limited privileges:
    1. Advertising Opportunities
    2. Use of university facilities for up to two informational meetings to garner membership
  2. Submit a student organization recognition application form within two months of submitting interest form.
  3. Submit a constitution along with your application form. View a sample constitution.

Once these steps have been completed, the SAC will submit paperwork to the SGA Student and Internal Affairs Committee. SGA will then review the application information and determine if the organization is funding eligible. Once declared funding eligible, they may apply for funding with SGA during the regular budget period.

Organizations determined to be a club sport must be active for one year before applying for funding. Funding for these organizations is provided by campus recreation.

Organizational Review

Each organization will be reviewed every 3 years by the SGA Student and Internal Affairs Committee. The review is to assess if the organization is operating consistently with the way it was intended and to assist with any problems the organization may be having. If an organization chooses not to participate, their privileges may be revoked.

Budget Process

Only recognized, funding eligible organizations are eligible to participate in the budget process. All organizations must send a representative to the Leadership Development Seminar each spring to remain eligible for SGA funding. Budget hearings for the organizations will be held in early April.