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Members of the institutional community reasonably expect that they shall be able to live, study, work and relax in a safe and orderly environment that promotes achievement of the educational, scholarly and public service missions of the institution. The following, while not all-inclusive, are forms of conduct that infringe upon those expectations, disrupt the orderly progress of institutional activities and expose the student to conduct sanctions.

Any student, group of students, or student organization found to have committed the following misconduct is subject to the conduct sanctions outlined in Section 3, of BOR 3:4.

Acts of dishonesty, including, but not limited to:


  • Use or giving of any unauthorized assistance in taking quizzes, tests or examinations.
  • Use of sources beyond those authorized by the instructor in writing papers, preparing reports, solving problems or carrying out other assignments.
  • Acquisition, without permission, of tests or other academic material belonging to a member of the institutional faculty or staff.


  • The use, by paraphrase or direct quotation, of the published or unpublished work of another person without full and clear acknowledgement consistent with accepted practices of the discipline.
  • The unacknowledged use of materials prepared by another person or agency engaged in the selling of term papers or other academic materials.
  • Other forms of dishonesty relating to academic achievement, research results or academically related public service.


Academic Misconduct Hearing Board Members:

  • Mike Allgrunn, Economics
  • David Burrow, History
  • Jean Caraway, Psychology
  • Michael Hook, Art
  • David Swanson, Biology
  • Mark Sweeney, Earth Science/Physics
  • Mandy Williams, Communication Disorders
  • Robin Wiebers, Education
  • Frank Zavadil, Addiction Studies