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Our residence halls are community living spaces in which student wellness (success, health and safety) is a primary focus. Residence hall policy is intended to support this concept. Community members should familiarize themselves with relevant policy, including their rights and responsibilities as on-campus residents. A detailed listing is available at University Housing.

Community Living Policies

Residents are encouraged to check with staff when unclear about rules such as permissible items, access, etc. A resident assistant (RA) may be able to help, or you may wish to make an appointment with your residence hall director (schedule with staff at the front desk).

  • When a referral is made for a community living policy (CLP) violation, SRR staff may determine that the residence hall director would be best suited to follow-up on the matter.
  • In such situations you can expect an email from the residence hall director, who will arrange for an in-hall meeting to review relevant policy and expectations, assist with any questions you may have, etc.
  • Repeated CLP infractions, failing to attend a CLP meeting or to respond to staff direction regarding the violation may result in a conduct referral. Residents are encouraged to meet with housing staff in order to resolve a policy matter without it escalating to a conduct issue.