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Due to regulations mandated by the South Dakota State Law, South Dakota Board of Regents and the State Health Department, ALL students whatever their classification or status must have medically signed proof of TWO (2) properly administered immunizations OR immune titers for Measles (Rubeola), Rubella and Mumps. These are required for all new, readmitted and transferred students of all State Institutions.

State required immunizations are available at Student Health and through other healthcare providers. See a list of immunization costs and other fees. Expenses associated with required testing and immunizations are the responsibility of the student.

Please submit immunization documentation at least two (2) weeks prior to school registration to:

Sanford Clinic Vermillion
USD Student Health
20 S. Plum Street
Vermillion, SD 57069

Students who fail to provide the required proof of immunization will be refused registration and will not be able to attend classes until in compliance.

Proof of Immunizations

Evidence of immunization or immunity will be documented and signed by a healthcare provider or other record keeper.

Complete the Immunization Health History Form

Other immunization records acceptable to the South Dakota Department of Health also may be used to document compliance with the immunization requirements. These are:

  • A physicians certificate
  • Immunization records forwarded by another school
  • A record maintained by student or parent showing the month and year during which dose of vaccine as administered - signed by a health professional.


All students who meet established criteria are obliged to demonstrate immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR). Relevant criteria (i.e. key factors which drive the need for compliance) are detailed below:

  • Age - students born on or after January 1, 1957 must demonstrate immunity; those born prior to this date are excused.
  • Course schedule - students who register for two or more credit-bearing classes – and at least one course involves face-to-face contact on a weekly basis for two or more weeks – are obliged to comply. This includes participation at all campuses, centers (including University Center, Capital University Center, and West River Higher Learning Center), and miscellaneous off-campus sites.

Those students for whom vaccination presents a threat to health/well-being and those who adhere to a religious doctrine that opposes immunizations may petition for a permanent exemption or temporary waiver as appropriate. Note: the statute does not allow for philosophical objections.


Exemptions to the MMR requirement will be considered if there is a medical or religious contraindication.

Permanent Exemption

  • A serious, chronic medical condition that contraindicates administration of vaccines on a long-term basis. A Physician Statement is required.
  • Affiliation with an established religion, the doctrine of which prohibits vaccinations. A completion of approved University Form or submission of hard copy personal statement is required. Note: state law requires validation from a parent if the student is less than 18 years of age.
  • Adverse reaction to first MMR precludes administration of the second. A physician statement is required.

Temporary Exemption

A medical condition of short duration that contraindicates administration of vaccines; the most common application of this waiver is linked to pregnancy. A Physician Statement is required.

In the event of an outbreak, students who are granted waivers and exemptions will be excluded from campus. Exclusion procedures will be determined at the point of the outbreak and will adhere to the advice of the South Dakota State Department of Health.