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The medical record is a legal document providing a chronicle of a patient's medical history and care. Physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and other members of the health care team may make entries in the medical record. Every patient who has received health care services at USD Student Health Services has a medical record.

Some of the information contained in the medical record is:

  • Identification information such as local address and telephone number.
  • Patient health history, which tells the health care provider about their past and present health status.
  • Medical examination findings that the health care provider will observe when the patient is examined.
  • Other information, which may include:
    • Lab test results
    • Medications prescribed
    • Referrals ordered to health care providers outside of the University Student Health Center
    • Educational materials provided
    • Patient instructions


Only authorized personnel at USD Student Health Services have access to the medical records. In most cases, a patient's written authorization must be given in order for the information to be shared, exceptions to this include:

  • Forwarding records to other health care providers for continuity of care
  • Releasing information when required by law, such as the reporting of infectious disease or animal bites to the state health authorities

If you would like another person, such as a parent or spouse, to be able to communicate to USD Student Health Services staff regarding your healthcare, please follow the instructions in Option 2 below of "How to Request a Copy of or Authorize Access to My Medical Records" and designate that person as a recipient.

Retention of Records

Medical records of students are retained for 10 years following the last date of service. After 10 years of inactivity, the medical records are securely destroyed in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Request a copy of or authorize access to medical records

Option 1

You may request a copy of your medical record for yourself or another health care provider by coming to USD Student Health and filling out an Authorization Disclosure Form

Option 2

For those who cannot make a personal visit to the health center, please submit the HIPAA Authorization to Use or Disclose Health Information to:

Sanford Clinic Vermillion
USD Student Health
20 S. Plum Street
Vermillion, SD 57069
Fax: 605-624-6663

All requests should include:

  • Full legal name and Student Identification Number or date of birth. (Include your name while enrolled at USD if different)
  • What part of record you want (be specific: per date(s); type of problem) and the purpose for the release
  • List the complete address for where to send records and telephone number. If records are to be faxed, please include the fax number
  • Include your phone number and a billing address
  • Sign (written signature) and date to validate

**We cannot accept requests for copies of medical record information by email

Copies of medical records

If you are requesting a copy of your medical records for another health care provider there is no charge. If you are requesting records for other purposes, a copy charge of $10-$15 may be incurred. This fee must be paid when copies are picked up as this cannot be billed to you. Medical records requests for information from patient's records will be process in 7 - 14 business days. 


You may call the Health Information Management department at 605-677-3700.